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The Nourish and Develop Foundation

Our Mission

The Nourish and Develop Foundation exists to enhance food security and education by developing programs and partnerships to increase self-reliance in our community through skills development and active participation.

Hunger Awareness Week 2015

Hunger Awareness week is September 21st - 25th. Food Centres Canada wants to make Food Insecurity an Election Issue. Read more and be part of the growing movement to kick hunger to the curb. Despite the fact that all five political parties in the 2011 federal election said they were in favour of a food and farm strategy … we haven’t seen it Diana Bronson, Food Secure Canada

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Annual Report

Wow! What a year 2014 was! Please join us in celebrating a great and growing year by reviewing our Annual Report. Thank you for all of your support this past year and we look forward to many more to come. Check out our annual report by clicking the Archive link below.

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Table Talks

This months Table Talks features Julie Belli, The Cheese Queen. Table Talks is a monthly event where we gather around the table talk and create everything about food! Topics include vermi composting, fermentation, The importance of organic farming, and the spice Trail. See the preview here.

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Bountiful Basket

The Bountiful Basket promotes easy access and consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits to local residents. Baskets are prepared for those in need but are also available for purchase. We partner with local farmers and grocers to provide a bounty of fresh and nutritious food at a lesser cost.

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Need Help?

We encourage local individuals or families looking for emergency food supplies and/or interested in joining our programs to contact us. If you know anyone who may need a little help, let them know about us, we are here to help you to help yourself and be part of the solution.

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Commons Timebank

Commons Timebank is a way to help others and receive help in return. Based on the important value of reciprocity, timebanking brings the traditional volunteering approach to a new level. Never ask again how can I help you? Instead say, “How we can help each other?"


Job Posting!

Community Kitchen Developer Job Description 


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 ”We are proud to be a Good Food Organization working towards a healthy and fair food system in alliance with Community Food Centres Canada. We are joining a growing network of like-minded organizations across Canada who share a commitment to offering healthy and dignified food programs in their communities.” Follow these great initiatives @aplaceforfood on FB Community Food Centres Canada and



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The Ontario government has moved to limit the use of neonicotinoid pesticides amid growing evidence that the substances are responsible for drastic reductions in bee populations in the province.


Read article - Neonicotinoid pesticide use to be reduced by 80% in Ontario

Toronto children need more prosperity, not more charity: Hume

See the Local Food Act here.


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