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Liane’s Hunger Awareness Day 5

Blank-face2The face of poverty…

Poverty has many faces. Stereotypical ones as well.
We imagine the the fly encrusted , protruding belly of a third world child.
We imagine the dirty dreadlocked old man, curled up in a doorway.
We imagine the doe eyed girl, picking trash in India.
We imagine the junkie on the street corner.
We imagine the runaway, begging for coins in the subway station.

These are images we see on the news, in our mail and in magazines. But poverty takes on many more faces than that:

The business man who has lost his job to a younger counter part.
The woman with children, who’s husband has left.
The children that can’t join activities because money is tight.
The old woman who’s pension doesn’t cover all her medication.
The man who has lost a body part, or been hurt on the job.

The face of poverty takes on many forms:
Someone with a disability:  Some have a disability that is obvious, some not so much!
Mental issues are not usually visual, but they are very real.

I have all my body parts. I have a strong back, I also have 2 university degrees. But I  have a mental illness that interferes with holding a steady job.
When I’m good, I’m great! When I’m not, it takes every fiber of my being to walk down to get the mail.

When you see me in town, or at school…   It’s a good day.

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