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Hilary’s Hunger Awareness Week Day 2

Given that we are to survive this week based mostly on food from the emergency food basket. I made a budget for this week of $40. None of it was to go to food. But imagine you only had $40 a week to live on. That was part of the challenge. I had scheduled a medical appointment for this week. My doctor is in Newmarket, about a 45 minute drive from my rural community. Being able to drive to see this doctor is a luxury. What if I wasn’t able to pay for my insurance or maintenance on my car? Being financially insecure in a rural community is much different than being in the city. I will illustrate: photo (1)

I’ve screen captured the public transit routes if I could no longer afford to drive or afford my car and had to take them. First off I would have to cab to the closest bus stop or station. Which is as we all know $$. Not only that but if you look you can see that I would be travelling for 5 hours for a doctors consultation. The problem here is that the doctor I was going to see was not available in the area and public transit is less than desirable given the addition of a cab and the time it would take.

Thankfully I have access to a vehicle. 30 dollars went to gas for the trip, and my remaining $10 went to parking. Looks like I wouldn’t be able to survive on just $40, at least this week anyway. All of that for just the basic need of medical attention and visiting a physician. I also had blood taken. Later that night, without my regular food intake, and having blood taken I felt unusually weak and tired.

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  1. admin says:

    Hey Liane! Email or with your post and we’ll make sure it gets up here!

  2. Hilary thank you for putting such effort and explanation into your journal. I think we are getting a pretty good picture of the work ahead of all of us. Imagine if we couldn’t see light at the end of the tunnel? Thanks for doing this challenge with us. Kim

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