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The Nourish and Develop Foundation

We are always happy to work with individuals, businesses and other organizations to make our community a better place. Here are a few collaborations Nourish and Develop is promoting and actively involved in:


Community Collaborative of Brock

Previously known as the Patterson Building Community Advisory Committee, the Community Collaborative of Brock has continued carrying the vision behind the original project. The group started during the spring of 2011 with extensive community consultation in Brock to identify key priorities.  This research helped draft the plans for the work ahead.  Due to various factors, the plans to build a three-storey building needed to be reviewed by the summer of 2012. The newly named Community Collaborative and David Slabodkin Family Trust (Champion behind the project) gathered learning from this experience and decided now to focus on the restoration of three properties owned in Cannington.

The Plans will include, but are not limited to:

  1. A community food hub to enhance local food access and programming;
  2. A business innovation centre and retail space to support local business development;
  3. A place with access to affordable housing and support services

Local residents and services organizations are encouraged to contact and/or join the Collaborative or any of the subcommittees to help shaping this important new initiative. Your support is essential for the success of this project.


Christine Dukelow, John De Faveri, Ann Watson, Kim Bouwmeester, Penny Judge, Emily Morrison, Jordan Starr and Cesar Caneo


North Durham Local Food Strategy

This new initiative sponsored by Nourish and Develop, aims to bring together all the food stakeholders in North Durham that see the need to enhance our local food security.  Gathered as a Collaborative, the founders’ organizations, in conjunction with Nourish and Develop came together last July to define a Vision, a Mission, and six agreed Goals.


We envision a sustainable local food system that supports the community and the environment.


We strive to create and nurture collaborative partnerships to enhance North Durham’s community capacity and resiliency that ensure access to information, education, and necessary skills to acquire, grow, prepare, and celebrate local food.


  1. Establish a North Durham Local Food Collaborative that engages all local food stakeholders.
  2. Increase Access to Healthy Food through the establishment and support of community gardens, emergency food, good food box, and other programs.
  3. Enhance Food-Related Skills and Education through initiatives and programs such as soup lunches and food preparation workshops, monthly ‘Table Talks’ presentations, growing and preserving your own food workshops, community gardens, and other educational forums.
  4. Advocate for Sustainable Local Food Policies development and implementation intended to increase food security in north Durham.
  5. Support Food-Related Community Enterprises to encourage economic development; such as North House Catering social enterprise.
  6. Assist with the development and creation of a Community Food Hub in Cannington.


The Nourish and Develop Foundation, North House, United Way of Region of Durham, Durham Integrated Growers