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Category Archives: Liane

Liane’s Reflection on the Hunger Awareness Challenge

The kids were all busy this weekend, and it gave me too much time to reflect. So many thoughts and feelings have been brought to the surface during this Challenge. It has made me take a deeper look into myself, my family, my community and our society. Uncertainty, is a fact of life. The old [...]

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Liane’s Hunger Awareness Day 5

The face of poverty… Poverty has many faces. Stereotypical ones as well. We imagine the the fly encrusted , protruding belly of a third world child. We imagine the dirty dreadlocked old man, curled up in a doorway. We imagine the doe eyed girl, picking trash in India. We imagine the junkie on the street [...]

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Liane’s Hunger Awareness Day 4

Placed one of the rolls of toilet paper I received into the washroom.  Not the ‘usual’ brand.  Kids aren’t too happy with the 1 ply, sandpaper they call it.  Reality sucks. The bananas are gone, the apples are gone. Sifting through what’s available, I’m still unsure what to make for dinner.  At this point it’s [...]

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Liane’s Hunger Awareness Day 3

May 9th I’m sitting here, mentally getting ready to go to the food bank. The challenge being: changing the face of hunger. I think my situation can reflect : changing the face of poverty. I’m on a fixed income: ODSP. The uncertainty I feel is daily.  Up until this winter, I seemed able to stretch [...]

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Liane’s Hunger Awareness Day 1 and 2

May 7 I joined the challenge for a few reasons. 1- To change the stereotype of someone in need. Being on ODSP, leaves me struggling every week to make it through the month. 2- To learn how to make things last longer, and have less waste. 3- To experience the vulnerability. I picked up my [...]

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