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The Nourish and Develop Foundation

We are pleased to announce the grand opening of the “nourish, our community hub”.

Mayor John

This dream has been brought to fruition over the past two years through a private and non-for-profit and public collaborative partnership.  Each of the organizations brings a contribution to the new building in both resources and skill.  The co-location will allow each of the partners to serve the community more effectively by working together and will see a reduction in operating costs through some shared expenses.

Once known as the Brandon Bakery, the building had become neglected and in such poor condition that reconstruction was necessary.  Recognizing the importance of preserving the heritage and character of our town, we made every effort to retain as much of the original building as possible.  We are proud that construction was completed using local contractors and labourers from Brock Township and the surrounding area.  “Cannington Commons is committed to supporting our community and we are proud that construction was completed using contractors and labour from Brock Township and the surrounding area.” said Vice President Jennifer Hayter

The shared space will also incubate new community projects, build on each other strengths and create a collaborative space for community improvement. Julie Belli, owner of Carpe Diem states: “As a local farmer I know the importance of community resources that can support food processing. With a community commercial kitchen available, we now have the capacity to deliver even more local products. “

This will be the permanent headquarters for each of these agencies. The community hall and commercial kitchen will also be available for use of other organizations, groups and businesses. The building, including the kitchen, is completely accessible. Cannington Commons, the Nourish and Develop Foundation, North House Transitional Housing, the Brock Youth Centre and SERA (Social Enterprise Rural Alliance) Community Ventures Ltd

Our public partnerships with the Trillium Foundation, Homeless Prevention Strategy and South Lake have provided financial supports that have allowed the purchase of amenities for the commercial kitchen and some staffing to enhance and develop new programs.  “The nourish community hub will enable us to do more for those struggling with housing insecurity in the communities of Brock, Scugog and Uxbridge Townships. Our offices will be more professional, accessible and our catering and food related programming can finally be under one roof.” states Ann Watson, Coordinator for North House.

The Nourish and Develop Foundation will be the lead administrator of the new building while operating all of their other programs.  The new facility will allow storage of fresh produce from our local farmers, for distribution through programs such as the Good Food Box and Food Pantry.   As with their previous location the space will be available for the use by other groups and community members. “Our new facility allows us to expand our programming so we can provide additional valuable services to Brock and surrounding areas.” states David Slabodkin, President of the Nourish and Develop Foundation.

The Brock Youth Centre will be providing training at the new building from the second floor training room and the commercial kitchen.  “This facility is a much needed boost for the Brock Youth Centre, which has not had a space for a number of years.  It allows us to expand our program and impact on the youth of the community” stated Jordan Star

SERA (Social Enterprise Rural Alliance) Community Ventures Ltd. will continue to assist local entrepreneurs to develop businesses that are good for the community and environment.  They will also hold business workshops and seminars at the building. Nourish reflects years of collaborative work and broad public involvement, it also demonstrate that working together – non-profits and corporate sponsors – can bring great things to our community – SERA CV Chair, Cesar Caneo

Community Food Hub

“Where food, people, and ideas grow” Grand opening BBQ and tour Friday June 19th at 11:30. 38 Cameron St. E. Cannington.  


Community food hubs are more than just a food bank or farmers’ market; they are re-inventing our food systems through localization. Community food hubs provide the social and physical infrastructure to connect local consumers and sellers and offer food programming for local residents to learn to grow, prepare, market and distribute local food. Clearly, food hubs are seen as a growing trend across Canada, becoming a great venue for education and advocacy around local food.

The Community Food Hub is a multipurpose facility designed to provide food storage, processing and distribution services to our community – small farmers and backyard growers alike. The Hub includes a commercial kitchen, warehouse storage room, and a public use room for hosting skill building workshops and network meetings. The site will feature demonstration edible gardens, composting systems, and will act as a training centre for farmers and food producers.

The goals of the food hub are two-fold; first to create a more environmentally and economically sustainable food system to strengthen our area’s food supply, to create jobs and training opportunities, and encourage healthy farming practices on agricultural lands. Furthermore the food hub will seek to increase food production and food security in Brock and surrounding areas. Over the years as the local food movement has grown, it is clear that a community food hub is becoming both necessary and central to encourage and facilitate the growth of local food access.

The Nourish and Develop Foundation is fully committed to champion this idea in Brock, and we are confident that the benefits of the Community Food Hub are significant.


Community Benefits

  • Local capacity building through an increased number of skill building workshops for farmers and food processors offered at the hub.
  • Decreased food waste from the use of our storage and processing facilities to prolong and preserve seasonal foods produced on the area.
  • Decreased greenhouse-gas emissions from food transportation, as the amount of local food being consumed increases and the distances between farm and table decrease.
  • Healthy, nutritious food will be provided to those most in need through our programming.
  • Economies of Scale will allow farmers to increase their yields, and buyers to access more affordable food.

Help us make this dream a reality – Participate and Join the Team!

Download the PDF version, click here.