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The Nourish and Develop Foundation

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 Q: Who is eligible to participate in TNDF’s Food Assistance Programs?

A: Anyone living in Brock Township and surrounding area who needs and qualifies for food assistance. Give us a call to set up a meeting where you can be registered by one of our staff. If you are unemployed, have low income, on Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), or other social income support programs you may find yourself in need.  TNDF provides a 3-4 day ration of emergency food staples and other items once a month. TNDF encourages all the food emergency clients to get involved in an array of food and skill related programming, moving towards sustainable solutions. We offer clients the resources and skills to do more than just survive, but to thrive. We can help!

Q: Where does the food come from?

A: The Nourish and Develop Foundation appreciates and relies heavily on Feed the Need Durham, a food distribution warehouse that delivers surplus food from large grocery retailers in Durham Region. Additional food comes from local donors and particular items (milk) are purchased by Nourish and Develop each week.

Q: How do I sign up for a Bountiful Basket?

A: Everyone can purchase a Bountiful Basket for $15. Bring your payment into TNDF at the beginning of each month. Baskets are ready to be picked up on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 11:30 to 3:00 pm. If you can’t afford the $15 we have some sponsored free baskets available for Brock families that receive social assistance as well as some sponsored baskets by generous people in our community.

Q: How can I get a garden plot at the Maple Tree Community Garden?

A: Just let us know and we will assign you a plot. If space is limited we will register you on a waiting list for the next opening. It is free if you cannot pay. A Community Garden means just that…it is a Community working together to make the garden a clean, safe and healthy environment for all members and visitors. Every member must sign a garden agreement form. If you are a Food Pantry client we can help you with free vegetable seeds.

Q: What is the Timebank?

A: The Timebank is a community skills exchange program. If you need your grass cut and I need my hair cut…that would be a good exchange. Time Banking is a way for people to connect, cooperate and get their needs met through reciprocity. What would you exchange an hour of your time for? You can exchange time and skills with anyone listing her/his services in our Timebank. For more info contact: Izzie at (705) 432 2444.

For more information on any of our programs please call 705-432-2444 or email us at